Welcome to RN Consulting Carole Hynes

Welcome to RN Consulting Carole Hynes

Welcome to RN Consulting Carole HynesWelcome to RN Consulting Carole HynesWelcome to RN Consulting Carole Hynes


Medication Compliance

Review policies and procedures to ensure compliance with ISBE.

Staff Education

Provide education to staff regarding medication administration and other health related topics


Individualized student health planning



Mental Health Code 

ISBE regulatory standards, Completion of IEP documents, Transition planning

Evidence Based Practice for treatment of Psychiatric Diagnosis 

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

Psychotropic medication management

Medical issues in adolescents

Eating disorders

Substance use disorders

Suicide prevention


Provides accurate and thorough assessments/treatment that is consistent with age and developmental status. 

Interpreting compliance standards and developing concordant policies

Medical management and collaboration with physicians and other providers

Staff education 

Developing competencies to address staff needs 

Ability to work collaboratively for the good of the team 

Developing Life Skills Curriculum for students  

Updating student health histories

Completing individualized health plans

About ME

I am a certified Clinical Nurse specialist in child and adolescent mental health. I have over 30 years of experience in mental health and managed the Evanston Day School for over 20 years. I have worked as an administrator, health care provider, and educator. I recently retired from full-time employment and am interested in using my skills to continue providing exceptional care to students with emotional disabilities. In addition to my professional experiences I volunteer with a pet rescue organization and am a supporter of NAMI. 

Contact information 


phone: 847-997-4791